How can the K-Vest improve your posture?

News : How can the K-Vest improve your posture?

How has the K-Vest helped Leigh change his posture? 

Leigh recently came for a lesson to improve his consistency. The main area that needed to be changed to help him do this was his posture. As you can see in the picture below, Leigh has what is known as "C Posture", this is when the lower back and the shoulders are rounded. As seen in the picture below, the K-Vest showed us that Leigh's pelvis was 10 degrees bent forward and his shoulders were bent forwards by 62 degrees.  


By getting Leigh to bend more from his hips whilst keeping his shoulders back has allowed him to get his back in a straighter position. As a result of him doing this, the K-Vest showed us his pelvis bend was 20 degrees (10 more than before) and his upper body bend was now 43 degrees (8 less than before). 

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