K-Vest 7

K-Vest 7 is the world’s first human motion learning system. It is a wireless system that instantaneously measures a players’ power signatures and 3D Data. This data allows us as coaches to provide you with a development programme that will help you improve faster than ever before. We can break down using the K-Vest into the four phases of player development.

1. Measure – K-Vest allows us to measure your movement patterns in greater detail than the fastest video cameras on the market. Movement patterns are captured via powerful wireless 3d sensors.

2. Assess – Once we have measured your swing, it is now time for us to assess the data. The K-Vest software runs advanced biomechanical algorithms that help us to evaluate player movement. It also generates easy to use reports and offers recommended programmes for the areas of the swing where you need to improve

3. Coach – The software provides intuitive biofeedback that allows us to coach you new skills and movement patterns. Every time you get into the correct position, not only will the computer screen change colour but you will also hear music.

“Coaching beyond words”

Standard golf coaching relies on a coach commenting on whether you are in the correct position. With the visual and auditory feel back, the rate of improvement is faster than ever before giving you better value for money.

4. Train – As I am sure you are aware, improving your swing is about more than just taking lessons. It is vital that you put in the practice to make the new skills and movement patterns permanent. Have you ever been to practice after a lesson and been unsure as to whether you are actually performing the swing you are meant to? Practice with the K-Vest at the Cheshire Golf Studio and this will not happen, helping to speed up the learning process.

Measure Your Progress – Have You Actually Improved?

Looking purely at your handicap as a guide to your improvement does not give us enough information as to whether your swing is improving. The K-Vest allows us to compare the exact movements of your body before and after use to the nearest degree!


We would like to invite you to come to the studio to try the K-Vest for free. Simply click on the icon below to book in for a free swing consultation or practice session.

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