Meet the Pro

Charles Le Sueur Head Professional, Alderley Edge Golf Club
PGA Advanced Professional
BA (Hons) Applied Golf Management Studies
PGA Advanced Diploma
TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor
PING Accredited Custom Fitter
Yes! Accredited Putter Custom Fitter

After working in several golf clubs across Europe, Charles has now been Head Professional at Alderley Edge Golf Club and the Cheshire Golf Studio for four years.

Charles spent three years studying the golf swing at the University of Birmingham. He was awarded an upper second class honours degree in Applied Golf Management Studies. In his time in Birmingham he found a holistic approach to golf coaching to give students the fastest improvement. By combining technical swing coaching with golf fitness, golf mind coaching and custom fitting, he believes he can accelerate any player’s rate of learning.

In 2008, Charles became a Certified Golf Fitness Instructor with the Titleist Performance Institute. This has given him the skills to look at a golfer and identify physical limitations which may be affecting the players’ ability to make an efficient golf swing. Charles can prescribe simple exercises to resolve these and help you to improve your swing and enjoy your golf more.

In 2012, Charles was awarded with ‘PGA Advanced Professional’ status by the PGA, the youngest PGA Professional to ever be awarded with this status.

Charles is still a keen player and regularly plays in PGA national and regional tournaments. He understands that the game of golf is about getting the ball in the hole in as few strokes as possible and it is not simply about making perfect golf swings. For this reason his teaching methods focus on giving golfers practical advice that they can take onto the golf course.

He also works with a number of elite players and understands that at the top level, the difference between winning and losing is small. For this reason he writes periodised golf training programmes in order to help them plan the amount of training and practice they should be doing in the areas of swing mechanics, short game, golf fitness and psychology at different times of the year. The programmes are written to help the player peak for their biggest tournaments.

Charles placed a large emphasis on helping his students to manage their own development. He focuses heavily on teaching his pupils to teach themselves. Due to the individual nature of the sport, he believes it is important for his pupils to acquire the knowledge to be able to diagnose and fix their own swing faults.

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