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How can the K-Vest help you avoid lower back pain?

Today I thought I would write about the link between poor golf swing mechanics and lower back pain. A recent study of 31,000 golfers found that 28.1% of them had to deal with lower back pain after every round.  When I first saw this number I found it quite alarming that such I high number of golfers are swinging the club in a way that is causing them to suffer pain.

In this article I am going to focus on the swing fault that most commonly cause lower back pain – Reverse Spine Angle (RSA). This can be defined as any upper body backward bend (towards the target) during the backswing. This puts excessive extension into the spine at the top of the backswing, which causes the pain.

Below you will see a before/after picture of Michael, one of my students. He also suffers from lower back pain so it is a priority of ours to eliminate his RSA. As you can see in the K-Vest date below, his upper body bend at the top of the swing was -7 degrees (7 degrees towards the target). This can also be seen in the ‘before’ picture below.

To help Michael remove this fault from his swing, we placed a stability ball between his legs and encouraged him to ‘rotate’ his shoulders instead of ‘tilting’ them.

As you can see from the K-Vest data from the end of the lesson, Michael’s upper body was leaning 3 degrees away from the target, an improvement of 10 degrees!

Precise Practice Makes Permanent

Changing your swing within a golf lesson is not the end of the story; the majority of golfers will slip back into bad habits the next time they practice. Michael is using the K-Vest to practice to make sure that does not happen to him.

Hire the K-Vest to practice for as little as £5

For £5 you can practice for 30 minutes, if you are in the wrong position you will not be given the biofeedback (music playing). This is guaranteed to make your practice more effective.

If you would like to come and try the K-Vest, please click here to book a lesson or call 07951548042

Created: 15-Feb-16 19:03

How Sandra Changed Her Swing

Sandra came for a lesson last week and was the first person to benefit from using the K-Vest. Three days after using it she won a competition! Below is a description of how it helped her. 

Sandra's main fault is an 'over the top' downswing leading to a slice and a loss of distance. As you can see in the picture on the left, Sandra had a tendency to lift out of her original posture, causing the club to go back too far and her body to get out of position. The K-Vest helped her to see that she was over rotating her hips in the backswing by about 20 degrees, mainly due to a lack of right leg stability.

As you can see in the picture on the right, Sandra is now turning her hips less due to a more stable right side. This is now helping her to swing down on a better plane. 

If you would like to see the benefits of using the K-Vest, please click here to sign up for your free lesson today

Created: 13-Feb-16 20:56

How Paul Changed His Swing

How has the K-Vest helped Paul to change his swing? 

This week I thought I would give you an example of how the K-Vest can help you to change your swing faster than ever before. Paul came for a lesson last week so he can get his game ready for the start of the season. As part of the analysis process we looked at the following information:

  • FlightScope data showed us that distance control was an issue due to an inconsistent strike - some fats and some thins
  • The K-Vest data showed us that Paul over rotated his hips by 20 degrees in the backswing and his trail (right) hip was too high - this is also known as a 'Reverse Pivot' as you can see from the screen shots below

  • The video analysis below shows us that Paul has excessive lower body movement in the backswing, making
  • it difficult for him to correctly sequence the movements of his body in the downswing

What is biofeedback and how can it help you?

Biofeedback can be defined as 'the use of electronic monitoring to train someone to acquire bodily control of a function'. K-Vest gives us biofeedback in two ways:

    • Music playing when you get your body into the correct position - In Paul's case, take a look at the photo on the right, when he got his body into this position, music played to tell him he was doing it right
    • The screen turns green

Using the K-Vest to practice with a purpose - More effective than the driving range - guaranteed!

The main reason I invested in the K-Vest was because many of my students were coming for a lesson and leaving with the correct swing feeling. After going to the range and hitting a few hundred balls, they would come back for another lesson and had lost the feeling they had at the end of the last lesson.

Effectively they had spent £15 on range balls and all they got out of it was ingraining their swing faults further!

All golfers can hire the K-Vest for the same cost as a bucket of range balls and be guaranteed to improve faster. If you are not in the right position with your body, the K-Vest will let you know!

If you would like to change your swing like Paul, sign up for a free lesson and come and see the studio for yourself!

Created: 13-Feb-16 20:30
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