Putting Lessons

“I now have more freedom in my stroke, I haven’t three putted for the last four rounds, thank you!” (Peter Cousins, 14 Handicap)

Why are putting lessons at the golf studio more beneficial?

“Putting is an art”

At the Cheshire Golf Studio we believe putting is an art, we want to do whatever it takes to free up your stroke and improve your sensitivity to what the putter head is doing during your stroke. If you are standing on the green thinking about technical information, you are severely diminishing your chances of holing the putt.

When you casually throw a ball to someone, do you think about the angle of your arm in your backswing? Do you think about path on which your hand is travelling? NO! It is an instinctive action. We will help you to putt in the same way that you casually throw a ball to someone.

We can unlock your natural putting ability by doing the following things:

1. We will train your putting stroke until what you feel is reality. Too many people do not understand why they are missing a putt. We will prescribe you with exercises that will improve your feel and sensitivity.

2. Putting technique and custom fitting go hand in hand. We will fit your putter to your body in order to improve your chances of making a good putting stroke. When fitting the putter we look in the following areas:

  • Length
  • Loft
  • Lie angle
  • Putter head weighting
  • Grip thickness

3. Using SAM Putt Lab, the most technologically advanced system, we look at your consistency in delivering the putter head to the ball in the following ways:

  • Club face angle
  • Clubhead path
  • Clubhead speed
  • Clubhead angle of approach (hitting the ball on the up or down stroke)
  • Centredness of strike

4. Where should your eyes be in relation to the ball? This is vital in order to check if you are seeing the correct perspective of a putt. If your eyes are not in the correct position, you will never understand why you are not holing putts as you will be getting incorrect feedback. Every players optimal eye position will be slightly different, as we are all built differently. We have a number of drills that will help you to determine exactly where your eyes should be.

5. Artificial putting surface – all lessons are carried out on an artificial surface – no bumps! For this reason, we can guarantee that any inconsistency is coming from you, not the bumpy greens or spike marks!

All of these services are included in our lesson prices

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