Studio Practice Sessions

“The golf studio is much better use of my time than going to the driving range, I learnt more about my golf swing in one hour of studio practice than I did in 2 years using the driving range”
(Terry Baines, 16 handicap)

Without doubt, many of you regularly attend the driving range or the putting green to practice in an effort to improve your game. So, our question to you is what are you gaining from your practice session? Common answers to this question are:

  • Enjoyment
  • Improve my consistency
  • Improve my distance

Cheshire Golf Studio will help you fulfil all of your practice session goals and offers many other benefits than the driving range including the following:

1. Find out the exact results of your shots – Our Flightscope radar will tell you how far and how far off-line every shot goes.

2. K-Vest – The world’s first human motion learning system. Find out exactly what your body is doing in the golf swing. The K-Vest software prescribes you with exercises to help improve as well as providing both audio and visual feedback  it help you make the changes you want to quicker than ever before. Click here for more information

3. Do you know how far you hit each club? The Flightscope radar in the golf studio will help you to find out your AVERAGE distance with each club so that you can start hitting your iron shots closer!

4. Real golf balls – Unlike the driving range, we use real golf balls, which will go the same distance as you hit it on the course

5. Find out your shot and swing tendencies – do you know what percentage of your shots go left or right and by how much? You can find out in the studio

6. When on the driving range the average golfer can only remember the direction and curvature of the last 3 shots that they hit, the golf studio equipment will remember every shot that you hit in your practice session. This will help you to notice trends and change your swing to improve your results.

7. Watch your swing and spot faults – Our video analysis system will give you the chance to spot any swing faults

8. Prices start from as little as £7 per session

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