Video Lessons

The studio uses multi angle digital video analysis allowing us to accurately diagnose errors at set-up and during the swing. Video analysis at the studio has the following benefits:

1. Never forget what you learnt in your lesson – Pictures of key areas of your swing can be sent to your email account or facebook account to remind you of the positions you need to get into.

2. Accelerates the learning process.

3. Are feel and reality the same? – What you feel is rarely real. It is common for golfers to feel like they are making a change to their swing, but when they look at it on video, it is obvious that nothing has changed. Until the player understands that feel and reality are different, the player cannot improve their golf swing.

4. Slow motion – it is difficult to see the golf swing in as much detail without a camera.

5. Arrows, circles, lines and shapes can be drawn to enhance the learning experience.

6. Injury Prevention – By using video analysis, it is possible to spot any swing faults that may be causing you aggravation or may lead to injuries in the future.

7. Active capture for instant playback.

8. Comparing your swing with others – by using video analysis, it is possible to look at the difference between what you do and what the world’s best players do. It is also possible to compare your swing before and after a swing change.

9. Written dialogue can be included in your online lesson viewing as key reminders for the student.

10. All of this is included in the price of every lesson given in the studio.

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