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The coaching of Golf has changed in the last decade: the importance of strength and flexibility is now being recognised and all of the top players have a fitness training regime which they follow strictly.

"Why bother? It sounds like a lot of effort!" - WRONG

1. Firstly golf fitness does not necessarily mean strenuous and painful workouts. Even by doing 5 minutes of stretching a day, you can rapidly improve your golf swing and reduce the risk of injury.

2. There is a close link between your body’s physical limitations and your golf swing faults. For example your slice could be as a result of a physical limitation or incorrect movement pattern; a few minutes of specific exercises every week could improve this.

3. Help accelerate your rate of improvement – have you been working on your swing for a while but are not seeing any improvement? It is probably because your body is physically not able to do what you are trying to get it to do!

4. Improve your clubhead speed

5. Improve the sequencing of your golf swing which will lead to better ball striking

"So what do I have to do?"

In order to discover your weaknesses you are required to attend a 75 minute physical assessment and video analysis session. We will put you through a number of tests to discover your golf specific physical strengths and weaknesses. We will then look at your swing on video and show you how your physical limitations are affecting your swing.

We will then write you a golf specific training programme. Whether you regularly go to the gym or would prefer to do some exercises at home, we can design you a web-based training programme specific to your age, workout experience and current fitness level. This will include 18 different workouts to avoid boredom. Videos of all these exercises are provided via the internet.

Golf Fitness Assessment and Training Programme Price: £65 – Buy Now (link to vouchers page)

N.B. The fitness assessment and training programme is included in all of the Golf Studio’s coaching packages.

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