How Paul Changed His Swing

News : How Paul Changed His Swing

How has the K-Vest helped Paul to change his swing? 

This week I thought I would give you an example of how the K-Vest can help you to change your swing faster than ever before. Paul came for a lesson last week so he can get his game ready for the start of the season. As part of the analysis process we looked at the following information:

  • FlightScope data showed us that distance control was an issue due to an inconsistent strike - some fats and some thins
  • The K-Vest data showed us that Paul over rotated his hips by 20 degrees in the backswing and his trail (right) hip was too high - this is also known as a 'Reverse Pivot' as you can see from the screen shots below

  • The video analysis below shows us that Paul has excessive lower body movement in the backswing, making
  • it difficult for him to correctly sequence the movements of his body in the downswing

What is biofeedback and how can it help you?

Biofeedback can be defined as 'the use of electronic monitoring to train someone to acquire bodily control of a function'. K-Vest gives us biofeedback in two ways:

    • Music playing when you get your body into the correct position - In Paul's case, take a look at the photo on the right, when he got his body into this position, music played to tell him he was doing it right
    • The screen turns green

Using the K-Vest to practice with a purpose - More effective than the driving range - guaranteed!

The main reason I invested in the K-Vest was because many of my students were coming for a lesson and leaving with the correct swing feeling. After going to the range and hitting a few hundred balls, they would come back for another lesson and had lost the feeling they had at the end of the last lesson.

Effectively they had spent £15 on range balls and all they got out of it was ingraining their swing faults further!

All golfers can hire the K-Vest for the same cost as a bucket of range balls and be guaranteed to improve faster. If you are not in the right position with your body, the K-Vest will let you know!

If you would like to change your swing like Paul, sign up for a free lesson and come and see the studio for yourself!

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